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Rod Daniel and Jim Carnevale 4 days 

Jim Carnevale is a Registered Architect with 20 years quilting experience. Jim combines his knowledge of architectural design and drawing with his skills in teaching quilting to provide expert guidance in rendering a physical structure or space in fabric. Jim is also a regular presenter to quilt guilds throughout New Mexico and more recently Monterey, CA. Jim is also an avid fine art photographer. You can learn more about Jim’s work at

Rod Daniel is an award winning art quilter and experienced quilting instructor. Rod’s quilts have been displayed in the Texas Quilt Museum, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, the Hubbard Museum of the American West and numerous other venues in the Southwest as well as featured in multiple quilting magazines. Art quilts created by his students have won numerous awards in local and state exhibitions. Learn more about Rod’s work at Jim and Rod have created many collaborative quilts and are popular team presenters at fiber arts gatherings.

This class will be an exploration of the built environment, capturing the essence of your favorite structure, your house, a room or a place. Participants will use appliqué techniques enabling art quilters to create a photo realistic fabric image from a photograph, drawing or your imagination, using a variety of fabrics. Students will learn how to assemble their project and blend fabrics with smooth transitions. In addition, students will learn the fundamentals of perspective, color theory, values, shade and shadows.



Betty Busby 4 days Class is full send an email to for the waiting list.

For several years Betty has been exploring the use of various non-woven materials in her fiber art. They have been a wonderful addition to traditional fabrics, extending the range of expression that can be achieved. The class will involve an explanation for different types of non-woven materials, ways to produce images with them and methods to incorporate them into art quilting. There will be hands on use of paints, templates and stencils using multiple techniques and will involve painting the non-woven material and a new technique not advertised yet. We then fuse the material, and cut it out to be used for decorative elements. Betty will provide patterns to be used as desired to incorporate various fabrics with the non-woven. The non-woven shapes are then paired with woven fabrics, which are trimmed to fit and can then be used to create a quilt top. Betty is also more than happy to assist students with making their own designs and patterns. The aim of the class is to give each student many exciting ideas and techniques to experiment with.



All classes include Full Breakfast, Lunch and beverages.